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Governor McCrory signals plan to break his campaign promise, sign SB 132

Yesterday, Governor McCrory said during a press conference in Greensboro that he will sign Senate Bill 132, a bill that will force teachers to tell students, starting in seventh grade, that having an abortion leads to complications with subsequent pregnancies. However, the bill is still awaiting final approval from the Senate and likely won't be on the Governor's desk until next week. 
"The Governor made a promise in October not to support any restrictions on abortion in our state.  The bill restricts access to accurate information about abortion care.  By signing this bill, Governor McCrory will be going back on his campaign promise and sending a message that he can't be trusted to stick to his word, said Suzanne Buckley, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina. "NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina and thousands of North Carolinians across the state are watching, and we will hold him accountable," Buckley added.
"While the Governor and the House leadership continue to claim that this bill is about education, the debate around this bill has made it abundantly clear that proponents of this bill are more concerned with advancing their political agenda than promoting accurate information in sex education. The fact that this bill never made it to the Education Committee underscores the fact that this bill has nothing to do with education, and everything to do with an anti-choice political agenda. Buckley continued. "Any claim to the contrary is disingenuous.

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