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Anti-choice Indoctrination One Step Closer to the Classroom

Young people deserve the facts.
"Tonight, the Senate passed SB 132 by a vote of 38-10. The bill that would force educators to mandate that lies about abortion be included in our state sex-education curriculum, " said Suzanne Buckley, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina.  "NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina applauds the 10 Senators opposed SB 132, which, even in its amended form, aims to teach NCís young people an extreme ideological opinion rather than science," Buckley continued. 

Last week, lawmakers amended SB 132, and inadvertently made an already horrific bill even worse.  SB 132 now stipulates that students be taught abortion is one of a group of factors that can cause to preterm delivery later in life. "The amended language of the bill implies that abortion is a scientifically proven to cause pre-term delivery. Top medical authorities (the CDC, the WHO, and the AMA) agree that there is no established link between abortion and pre-term delivery; this bill is more than misleading, itís political propaganda,Ē Buckley added.
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