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So-Called "Crisis Pregnancy Centers"

Picture this: You're scared that you might be pregnant. You see an ad for a free pregnancy test and counseling. You call the number and make an appointment. You're told that birth control is the same as abortion and that if you have an abortion, you will probably get breast cancer. You're vulnerable, scared, and confused. You have walked into a so-called "crisis pregnancy center" (CPC), and you have been lied to and manipulated. You deserve the truth: comprehensive, unbiased, factual, and medically accurate information. 

CPCs are a growing threat to women's health. They often lie to women about abortion and birth control. They'll do anything to scare a woman away from choosing legal abortion.  CPCs are biased, anti-choice organizations. They may look like comprehensive health clinics, but many are generally unregulated and unlicensed. They use deceptive tactics to mislead women about pregnancy-related information. Many try to manipulate and frighten women.

Some false claims many CPCs make include:

  • Abortion causes breast cancer.
  • Abortion is psychologically damaging.
  • Abortion can lead to sterility, future pre-term births, and even death.
  • Condoms are not effective against STDs, HIV/AIDS, and pregnancy.

There are more than 4,000 CPCs across the country and approximately 114 of those are in North Carolina.

Learn more about CPCs in our state by reading our investigative report: The Truth Revealed: North Carolina's Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

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