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North Carolina Policies on Abortion

North Carolina has consistently received an "F" from NARAL Pro-Choice America in regard to abortion care policies, family planning policies, and other reproductive rights issues.

There are no abortion rights protections in effect in North Carolina as of January 17, 2017.

The following abortion restrictions are in effect in North Carolina as of January 17, 2017:
  • 20-week abortion ban. North Carolina bans abortions after 20 weeks. This is a pre-viability ban without adequate health exceptions. It is currently being challenged in court by Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Center for Reproductive Rights.
  • 72-hour waiting period. People seeking abortion care must undergo biased state "counseling" and then wait 72 hours before actually having the procedure.
  • Ultrasounds at or after 16 weeks are sent to the NC DHHS. Ultrasounds from people who have abortions at 16 weeks or after are sent to North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services for Review. This is an intimidation tactic designed to ensure doctors are not performing abortions after 20 weeks.
  • Parental consent. If a minor wants to access abortion care, they must first receive parental consent. This can be avoided with a judicial bypass.
  • State funding for crisis pregnancy centers. North Carolina funnels hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Maternal & Child Mortality block grant to fund religious, anti-abortion CPCs, which deceive people seeking abortion care.
  • Telemedicine is prohibited. Abortion providers are banned from administering medication abortion through telemedicine, which can help expand abortion access to rural areas and for lower-income patients.
  • Restricted public funding and insurance coverage for abortion. Public funding; insurance coverage for public employees; and insurance coverage under the state health exchange for the Affordable Care Act is only available in cases of rape, incest, or life endangerment.

Many of the above policies are unconstitutional, and none are based in science. They are simply scare tactics, and only further stigmatize people who choose to have abortions.

Some information here is from the Guttmacher Institute. For more on North Carolina policy, see their state fact sheet.
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