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What Happened in 2016?

While the 2016 North Carolina legislative session was only supposed to be about the state budget, the North Carolina GOP made it about much more than that.

Over the course of the year, North Carolina Republicans called no less than five special sessions in addition to their regularly scheduled session. With the exception of a special session to address needs for hurricane victims, these special sessions were all about legalizing discrimination against marginalized communities in North Carolina with the passage of HB2 and unconstitutionally stripping power from North Carolina's newly-elected Democratic Governor, Roy Cooper.

Considering what happened in 2016, we know 2017 is going to be a long fight in the North Carolina General Assembly. With the legislative long session already underway (it began on January 11), we have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us. In the 2017 session, we anticipate heavy-hitting bills on everything from abortion rights to workers' rights to immigrant rights. It is more crucial to mobilize now than ever before - our democracy is on the line.

To join NARAL Pro-Choice NC's work and be on the front lines of defense against the North Carolina General Assembly's attacks on reproductive rights and human rights more broadly, sign up for our Rapid Response Squad.
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