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Invest in a Pro-Choice North Carolina Today.

When you give to NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, you are making an investment in the future of our state.  Your contribution will help support our dedicated team of volunteers and activists who work every day to protect and advance the reproductive rights of all North Carolinians. With your help, we will continue to be a strong voice in pro-choice movement.  But we can't do it without your support.

There are many ways to stand with us as we help educate the public about threats to choice, pass proactive reproductive health care legislation, and mobilize pro-choice North Carolinians to take political action to protect reproductive freedom. Choose the way that works best for you: 

(Monthly donations provide a steady and dependable stream of income to fund the fight for true reproductive freedom in our state! Join the growing family of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina supporter who generously give automatic ongoing donations of $15 or more.)

If you prefer to donate by mail, send your check to:

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina
4711 Hope Valley Road, Ste. 4F-509
Durham, North Carolina 27707

Large or small, one-time or ongoing, online or by mail, every gift makes a difference

  • Vehicle Donations: Thinking about selling your car, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicle? Donate it to NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina instead! Your donation will support our advocacy, community education, and civic engagement work. Plus, you can receive a tax deduction when you itemize your return! For more information, call 866.628.2277 or fill out this form and a representative will contact you!

  • Stock Gifts: Gifts of stock are accepted for donations of $1,000 or more. To transfer stock, please provide your broker or agent with the following information:

Hamilton Point Investment Advisors, LLC
100 Timberhill Place, Suite 120
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Account Name: NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation
DTC Number: 0226
Account Number: 638-277201
Federal Tax ID: 32-0117915

Due to privacy policies, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina is not informed of the identity of donors who make gifts of stock. When you instruct your broker to transfer stock, please let us know the type and number of shares so that we may accurately credit your account. Please forward the information to Toni Curry at or call 919.908.9321.


  • Workplace Giving: North Carolina State Employees can give through the State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) using code 1705. Also, many employers offer matching gift programs for charitable gifts made by their employees, which could double or triple the impact of your contribution! Contact your Human Resources office for eligibility requirements and to obtain a matching gifts form. 

  • Planned Giving: You can help NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina to achieve long-term sustainable financial stability by making gifts through a will, trust, or other life income plan. Leave a legacy of choice. Help ensure that the fight to secure and protect access to essential and comprehensive reproductive health care continues now and for generations to come. 

To learn more about all the ways you can support NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, please contact 
Toni Curry, Development Director, at or 919.908.9321

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