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NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation is our organizationís research, education and outreach arm. Our Foundation works to support and protect access to the full range of reproductive options and the ability for each North Carolinian to make the reproductive decision is best for them and their family.  We advance our mission through advocacy, community education, and civic engagement.  We work with policymakers to defend against anti-choice attacks and advocate for policies that protect and advance reproductive rights.  We also work to educate and inform our community about the impact harmful anti-choice legislation has on North Carolinianís reproductive rights and ability to access comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

Many North Carolinians lack access to comprehensive reproductive health care services and accurate reproductive health and rights information. Individuals in North Carolina must be empowered to know their rights, protect their health, and make the best reproductive decisions for themselves and their families.

Our program address barriers that keep North Carolinians from accessing reproductive health information, health care services and choices, particularly in areas that disproportionately impact under-served communities. We research and document the reproductive rights and health challenges North Carolinians face and develop strategies to address them. Our current program work includes:

  • Educating policymakers and the public about harmful anti-choice policies that threaten womenís health and reproductive freedom such as burdensome and unnecessary regulations of abortion providers that restrict access to safe, legal abortion care and other family planning and reproductive health services.

  • Advocating for effective, comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education that gives North Carolinaís young people the knowledge, life skills, and resources they need to make thoughtful decisions, including preventing unintended pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections.

  • Ensuring that North Carolinians can access medically-accurate information regarding their full range of reproductive decisions and options, and exposing so-called "crisis pregnancy centers" that deceptively promote an anti-choice agenda rather than offering real support and accurate information to women facing unintended pregnancies.

  • Protecting access to birth control and emergency contraception by educating North Carolinians about their reproductive rights and advocating for policies that promote access to unbiased and accurate reproductive health care.

If this work is important to you, please consider contributing to the NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation. Contributions to NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation is, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law and cannot be used for direct political work.

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